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Nikolaev Ukraine

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Ship at Skazka Park
Skazka Park
The Leninskiy District is located in the east of Mykolaiv. Among other things, it includes the new Horticulture, YUTZ, New Watering, Old Watering. The district has a zoo, bus and railway stations.

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Skazka Park Wintertime
The Korabelniy District is located in the south of the city. It includes a broad beam, Zhovtneve, Balabanovka, Kulbakino.

Skazka Childrens' Park
Childrens' Park
Today Mykolaiv is a major shipbuilding center of Ukraine (as, earlier, of the whole Soviet Union) and an important river port. The city has three major shipyards one of which is capable of building large navy ships. Other important industries are mechanical engineering, power engineering, metallurgy and last 10 years - food industry.

Kid's Train at Skazka ParkTrain at Skazka Park
Mykolaiv was closed to foreign visitors until the late 1980s because of many clandestine Soviet Navy projects (as well as the Mykolaiv Air Force base, turbine factory and military port). The majority of the Soviet Navy's surface ships including its only aircraft carrier, the Kuznetzov were built in Mykolaiv.

Pushkin Merry-Go-Round
Mykolaiv is an 8.5 hour bus ride from Kiev's main bus station. Ukrainian private national bus companies Gyunsel and Avtoluks operate overnight buses from Kiev to Mykolaiv seven nights per week. The bus station in Mykolaiv is located at Prospekt (Avenue) Oktyabrskii 21 (Prospekt Zhovtevny 21 in Ukrainian).

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Skazka Fairy Tale Park
Skazka Park
The main north-south highway that passes through Mykolaiv is H (or M)-14.

Lighthouse at Skazka Park
Lighthouse at Park
The main East-West Highway that passes through Mykolaiv is E-58 M-14 (West and then South to Odessa), and South East to Kherson, a major port on the Dneper River, just before it flows into the Black Sea. The E-58 M-14 then continues East to the major industrial city and port in South Eastern Ukraine, Mariupol'.

Stadium at Skazka Park
Stadium at Park
The main highways to and from Mykolaiv are from Kherson (65 kilometers), Odesa (120 km), Uman' (320 km), Chishinau (Kishniev), Moldova (325 km), the Crimean Peninsula (350 km), Kiev (500 km), Kharkiv (520 km), Lviv (950 km) (Western Ukraine).

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Carpet Weaving
In 1918, Mykolaiv survived its first occupation by foreign troops. In 1920, Soviet power was established there.

Butterfly Exhibition
The Soviet Government awarded Mykolaiv the Order of the Red Banner of Labour on the 31st of December, 1970, for successfully fulfilling its assignments for the development of industrial production, in the USSR's five year economic plan.

The Kitchen Nikolaev
Kitchen Nikolaev
The Central District is located in the northwest of the city. It includes the historic center of Mykolaiv, Rocket tract, Temvod, Salt, Northern, Ternovka (in Ternovca also acts village council), Matveevka, Varvarovka.

The Future of Mykolaev
Future of Mykolaev
The second major bridge in Mykolaiv crosses the Inhul river. The bridge leads from the North coast of Mykolaiv, and goes North-North East to the peninsula on the North side of the Inhul, just north of Mykolaiv.

Mykolaev Regional Museum
Regional Museum
On the North Side of the Inhul river, the highway that crosses on the bridge is called (Heroes of Stalingrad - the location of decisive World War II Soviet victory over the invading German and Romanian armies).

Opening Day Ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies
On the South Side of the Bridge, (in the center of Mykolaiv), the highway that crosses the bridge is called Ulitsa (Street) Pushkinskaya.

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Regional Museum
Exhibition Regional Museum
Overnight train travel in sleeper-berth passenger trains is a very common way to travel long distances in Ukraine. There are nightly trains from Kiev's main passenger train station to Mykolaiv. Train trips from Mykolaiv to Kiev take 14 hours and 35 minutes.

Locomotive at Skazka Park
Locomotive at Park
Mykolaiv, being located at the confluence of two major rivers, has two main bridges.
Varvarovsky Most (Bridge) is Ukraine's Southern-most bridge that crosses the Southern Buh River.

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Nikolaev Tram in The Morning
Nikolaev Tram in The Morning
Mykolaiv is the administrative center of the Mykolaiv Oblast (province), as well as that of both the Mykolaivskyi and Zhovtnevyi regions (districts) within the oblast. However, Mykolaiv is also a city of oblast subordinance, and is thus subject directly to the oblast authorities rather to the region administration housed in the city itself.

Cobblestone Street Nikolaev
Cobblestone Street
Mykolaiv is located on a peninsula in Ukraine's steppe region 65 kilometers (40 mi) from the Black Sea along the estuary of the Southern Buh river (where it meets the Inhul River).

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Mykolaev Theater
Both the Inhul River and the Southern Buh river follow very winding courses just before they join at the north east corner of Mykolaiv. This has created several long and narrow peninsulas just north of Mykolaiv, and the main part of Mykolaiv is itself on a peninsula at a 180 degree bend in the Southern Buh River.

Traffic Light Nikolaev
Traffic Light
Prince Potemkin signed an order to construct a shipyard on August 27, 1789, which is considered to be the city's birth date. The shipyard was to undertake the repair of naval ships in the Russo-Turkish War (1787–1792)

Flats Near Skazka Park
Flats Skazka Park
Mykolaiv Airport (IATA code NLV), one of the largest and most technically well-equipped airports in the South of Ukraine serves the city.

The Last Bell School Day
Last Bell School Day
The airport, located South East of Mykolaiv, is mainly used for air freight and only has limited passenger service

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Near The Childrens Park
Near The Childrens Park
Russian airline UTAir Aviation offers flights from Mykolaiv to Moscow (Vnukovo - VKO airport). In addition, there are one-hour passenger flights from Odessa (the nearest major airport) to Mykolaiv.

Lenin Statue Near River
Lenin Near River
Almost all airline passenger service in the South West of Ukraine (where Mykolaiv is located) is through Odessa International Airport: to reach Mykolaiv by airplane, tourists generally reach Odessa by plane, and then take a bus, taxi or train, for approximately 2 hours, to Mykolaiv. Odessa, the largest city in South West Ukraine, is 132 kilometers from Mykolaiv.

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